Who we are

 dp designs was founded on the principle that successful design is not just about making something beautiful – it’s about helping clients build an experience they love, and never want to leave. It’s about mixing new and old, extravagance and simplicity, the crazy fun and seriously sentimental. It’s about opposing the typical and falling for the unconventional.
dp designs provides a personalised and complete interior design service offering guidance through the entire design, building, finishing and furnishing process. From the initial consultation to the final installation, dp designs utilises an extensive network of resources to meet any budget, time frame, and design sensibility.
Diane aims to deliver spectacular interiors along with meeting the necessary functional requirements of the design. She achieves this through careful research of her clients’ lifestyles and needs. Her understanding of the importance of prompt attention to detail, her organisational skills and her dedication to her job ensures her utmost professionalism at all times. She engages her clients in the process, encouraging their participation in meeting the design goals.